We Recently provided a complete overhaul of this natural pond for a customer in Hale Barns Cheshire

We take pride in our work at Cheshire Ponds and working together with our customers vision we have been able to achieve a garden pond garden pond which they and ourselves are very happy with.

upon arriving to the consultation we were advised that the pond was loosing water and being at the lower end of the garden during winter dirty water was draining into the pond causing issues when trying to maintain a clear and healthy pond.

The pond previously looked like this –

sale 1

The first job was to clean out the pond, remove the liner, rope posts and dismantle the waterfall

Sale. 2

Then at the customer request we started to dig out the pond to achieve the depth that was required

Sale. 4

Finally the hole had reached the desired depth –

Sale. 6

Next stage was to raise the pond several inches to prevent the flooding issue caused by the garden being lower at the pond area

sale 9

We then had started the drystone walling to dress up the raised section of the pond and begun to build the frame for the waterfall/stream feature

sale 11

The underlay and liner could now be fitted along with the pipework which would feed the filter and the remote controlled waterfall

sale 13

The pipe work was concealed and waterfall begun to take shape, the top stones for the finish we also placed before the were all fixed into place

sale 15

Pumps were added for both the filter and waterfall and a remote control switchbox added so the customer could control each appliance via a remote control


The waterfall was completed and tested

   sale. 19

Then the rockery’s were completed on each side of the waterfall to allow the customer planting areas

sale 20

Finally the top stones were fitted and all the finishing touches were added to complete the job

sale 24

Please see the review from our customer once the work was completed by clicking here > REVIEW

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